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Meet & Marry The One Sooner

We help Christian singles meet and marry the one God has for them sooner!


FREE Purposeful Dating Mini Course:

Reposition Yourself in the Dating World!

Attract High Quality Prospects!

Know How to go From Purpose to Proposal!

Receive your Relationship Success Tool Kit

Sessions Start October 6, 2022

Wedding Ceremony Stage

About Us:


Chrystle & Rickey Jones Jr.

Our Back Story:

We met, got engaged and married in 9 months!

How long have we been married:

8 amazing years

Why Purposeful Dating?

We are committed to helping Christians avoid the highs of lows of dating. We want to help you have a Christ driven experience that leads you to your Kingdom spouse faster!

Any Children?

Yes! a daughter, Rain, who is 6, and a son, Rickey Jones III, who is 4.


Success Stories!

 "I joined Chrystle's program because I wanted a change in my dating life, specifically becoming more approachable by men. Fast forward just 14 days into the challenge and I have been asked on 2 dates in 1 week! I can't think Chrystle enough for being obedient and creating this program. She was very professional, honest, and transparent throughout the entire process. It was the best $30 I've ever invested on myself!"

- Sierra

"Chrystle's program started me on a journey of self-realization in some areas of my life and healing in others. This program is rooted in divine purpose, so I got so much out of it. It was obvious that Chrystle was anointed to lead us, well at least me on the path that our sessions took. She, was very caring, nurturing when needed, and she knew when to and how to get you together too. I was so appreciative of the time that she took in our conversations. I always left feeling heard and somehow strengthened. Sometimes, we struggle with things that may not hinder our purpose but slow it down or create unnecessary obstacles. What I learned is to be open to her process. I know for me I went in one way and came out another; as a more enlightened version of myself. I am thankful to her and the anointing that is on her life." 


"Hey Chrystle,  just wanted to let you know that I got engaged this weekend!! I Wanted to thank you again for helping me have faith that this could happen! We are getting engagement photos tomorrow maybe I will send you a few pictures!" (Single to engaged in 7 months)

- Ashley

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