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Write Your First Book in 90 Days!

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In Just 90 Days:

Write your first book

Establish your target audience

Get the new authors tool kit

Be published with Love Jones Publishing

When You Choose Love Jones Publishing

  • Receive your how to write a book template 

  • Establish your target audience

  • Receive marketing tips for your book project

  • Receive the new authors tool kit

  • Get Published with Love Jones Publishing and keep 100% of your royalties!

  • Receive one-on-one feedback for your book project

  • Have your book edited for content, flow, grammar and structure.

  • Receive an official Bowker ISBN for your book. ($125 value)

Library Bookshelves
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About Me:


Chrystle Jones

How long have you worked in publishing?

Over 15 years

Education: My degree is in the Mass Communications field with a concentration in Public Relations.

How many published book projects have you worked on?


Why Love Jones Publishing?

Our Why is very simple. My husband and I enjoy helping others share what God has told them with the world. 


When will we work together? I work with your unique schedule to complete your book project based on what works best for you. Our goal is to finish your book in 90 days, but I do understand that 'life happens.' If you need to delay your projects completion, I understand, but will ensure you have everything you need from me to complete your project within 90 days.

When does the program start? Within 24 hours of purchase you will receive your 'How to Write a Book' template so you can start working on your book project and will be contacted by me directly.

What if I need additional help? It is not if you will need additional help, it is when you need additional help. What sets this program apart from others, is you having the ability to speak with me directly concerning your book project. I am here to help you answer the hard questions about your book project, assist you with overcoming writers block and Complete a project you can be proud of.

Is my book a good fit? I specialize in non-fiction books. If your book falls outside of this genre, send an email before joining the program to make sure we are a good match! Your success is my priority.

Can I really keep all my royalties? YES! You wrote the book so it is only fair that you keep the profits. You will retain ownership rights to your book as well as keep all your royalties!

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