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Welcome to A Purposeful Pursuit

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Welcome to A Purposeful Pursuit, ! My name is Chrystle and I met, got married and engaged in 9 months. Why is that important? Because it's the story of my life, making a decision and going all in! No I wasn't pregnant, my husband Rickey and I waited about two years before deciding to have our first child. So why did we get married so quickly? Because when you know you know!

So, a little more about me. I am a mom of two awesome kids, Rain Jones (5) and Rickey Jones III (3), who I refer to as Mr. Handsome (reference picture to see why). I am a writer by trade, business owner and world traveller. The things that give me the most joy are spending time with my family, trying new foods in new places, writing and helping others understand their purpose and pursue their destiny. The tagline for my life is "Don't just live life... Pursue Destiny."I love proposal videos, even of strangers and if I see fries on a menu I will order them 99.9% of the time!

I'm excited to share travel vlogs and my journey as a full time entrepreneur. Oh yeah, I joined the great resignation in January of 2022 and have never felt more alive! It has not been a breeze but I am fulfilled. I have a youtube channel and instagram page where you can see my travel vlogs and videos and I am putting the final touches on my next book, "Christians Deserve Orgasms Too!" now. Well not literally now i'm typing this blog right now, but you know what I mean.

Anyhow, subscribe so you never miss a beat and hopefully my journey will inspire you to go on a journey of your own! Don't just live life... pursue destiny! (Inserts another photo of myself just because I like it LOL)

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