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I Have Travelled to 24 Countries!

One of the greatest disservices we can do to ourselves as women is believe the lie that when we become a wife or mom we have to exchange our hopes, dreams and purpose to step into the role of wife or mom.

I have traveled to 24 countries, 14 of which I have traveled to while being a combination of married, pregnant or even with my children. I am not sure where the narrative came from that made us believe being a wife that has a life outside of your role as a wife or mother became a bad thing but it's not true. You don't have to feel bad for not wanting to spend every waking moment with your husband or children or working on something for the home. You can do and pursue things you love guilt free.

To the wife and mom that needs to hears it, your dreams are still valid, your purpose is still possible and the world is still your oyster 🦪

Did I mention our family of 4 is moving from the USA 🇺🇸 to Johannesburg, South Africa 🇿🇦 In June this year! The best is definitely still to come for this adventurous family of 4!

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